Sunday, March 13, 2005


Hey dudes,

So I've started writing weekly reviews for FilmFocus UK, meaning this blog hasn't been updated lately (not that it was being updated that much before, but anyway). Anyway, here are some links to what I've written there so far:

Ocean's 12
In Good Company
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (seriously, why don't more people like this movie?)
Hide and Seek
Hotel Rwanda

I swear I haven't just been assigned every movie beginning with the letter "H" for the past few weeks (coming up next is Constantine, so that'll break this vicious cycle). This has been a pretty good deal for me; writing on a deadline for someone else forces me to actually sit down and, y'know, write, which this site just doesn't force me to do, since I'm not very good at forcing myself to do anything. I'll try to keep contributing posts here, but I'm no longer devoted to writing something about every film I see, like I once was (in a half-assed way).

Peace out.

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